So I overslept this morning and my parents flew off the handle. Told me we were right back in high school. They don’t even know how much I was struggling then; all they know is that my grades suffered. I was suffering.

They don’t even know how bad things got after that, because it got much worse when I was away for my first year of college.

Then my mom tells me, “Ask us for help!” Okay, here’s how you help: be kind. Be patient. Be supportive. I don’t want to break down and cry when you’re angry at me, making that the only time you realize anything’s wrong.

I want them to acknowledge the progress I’ve made. If all you focus on are my mistakes, that’s where we’ll get stuck. That’s what I’ll focus on to and then what’s the point of recovering? If every time I fall, you kick me. It’ll take me that much longer to get up and keep going.